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Atomic, Mesoscopic and Optical Physics

AMOP Group

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AMOP Group Research

The research of the Atomic, Mesoscopic and Optical Physics Group (AMOP) is centred on the development of understanding of quantum aspects of condensed matter, from atomic Bose-Einstein condensates to semiconductor quantum dots. The group has a high turnover of projects and experiments, in response to the rapid advances in these areas. The group has four subgroups, each led by a different group member: Quantum gases and collective phenomena: superfluidity, quantum magnetism, two-dimensional systems, non-equilibrium phenomena. Quantum optics and mesoscopic systems: quantum dot spins, cavity QED, plasmonics and diamond colour centres. Quantum Optoelectronics: Quantum dot spins, polymer semiconductors, coherence in semiconductors. Many-body Quantum Dynamics: Quantum gases in optical lattices, out-of-equilibrium dynamics, quantum thermodynamics


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