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Atomic, Mesoscopic and Optical Physics

AMOP Group

Studying at Cambridge


Current AMOP Seminars



Usually held on Mondays at 3.30pm in the Ryle seminar room 930


  • 20.02.17 Natalia Berloff (DAMTP)
    Realizing the classical XY Hamiltonian with polariton graphs
  • 06.03.17 Francesca Ferlaino (Innsbruck)
    Dipolar quantum matter new absolute zero temperature
  • 18.04.17 Peter Lodahl (Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark) 2pm
    On-chip quantum photonics using quantum dots
  • 21.04.17 Artur Branny (Heriot-Watt) 11am
    Quantum emitters in 2D semiconductors
  • 15.05.17 Hughes Riedmatten
    Spin-wave quantum memories for single photon storage and generation
  • 22.05.17 Markus Oberthaler
    Quantum metrology with Bose Einstein condensates
  • 05.06.17 Sian Dutton (QM group, Cavendish Lab)
    Emergent order and relief of frustration through ordering of quasi-spins in Ising Magnets
  • 17.07.17 Andrei Faraon
    Nano-photonic quantum light-matter interfaces based on rare-earth-doped crystals
  • 11.09.17 Sean Hodgman
    Ghost Imaging and Many-Body Correlations in Collision Halos of He* Atoms

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